Safe and Secure Email

For customers that are looking for a cost-effective solution with little overhead, Insite Data Services™ provides Secure Email - a hosted solution which allows you to send safe and secure Email to “anyone” without leaving it in the hands of your employees to decide to “encrypt or not encrypt”.



Businesses understand the need for secure transmission of sensitive data including email. With that in mind, Insite Data ™ partnered with ZixCorp to introduce several options to our customers, based on overall size and individual needs. we have implemented systems in our secure data center that allow our customers to outsource their Email Encryption requirements to and through Insite Data Services™ at fixed per user monthly or annual rates that save you money when compared to implementing these systems and technologies on your network.


Email Encryption

Now more than ever, businesses' reputations are at risk if they are not able to assure customers that they can keep their information safe and secure, and that they have effective physical, administrative, and technical safeguards in place to monitor and control any unauthorized attempts to access that information. In a business where maintaining the customer’s trust is vital, tools and controls that ensure security of sensitive information are essential. Insite Data Services™ new Secure Email Encryption Service provides a proven trust model for secure Email communication.